Netherland Dwarf Rabbit – 4 Reasons Why It's The Favorite Pet Rabbit Breed

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Even the Netherland dwarf rabbit is most likely the most popular bunny strain when picking a pet rabbit. There are a couple reasons why folks prefer them one of other rabbit breeds. But like others, that they need good care to enjoy a healthy, happy lives.

* The Size

Even the Netherland dwarf rabbit is the smallest breed of rabbits. Their weight doesn’t exceed two to three pounds. So naturally they may get a bigger cage compared to the bigger breeds. But they need as much space to operate and workout on a daily basis.

* The Variety

Dwarf rabbits come in 36 distinct colors. Breeders have managed to combine them so much than virtually any color is offered in this breed. That provides them great recognition in the bunny show industry. A great deal of options is available to folks who wish to receive a pet bunny.

* Easy To Care For

Since they’re smaller, they need fewer cleanups and less food compared to bigger breeds. Their diet must include basically in Timothy hay, Timothy hay established legumes, and a tiny daily part of new green vegetables. Fruits ought to be provided in moderation for their high sugar content.

* Great Personality

Even the Netherland dwarf rabbit has a lively, gentle and curious personality. He may exhibit some territorial and competitive behavior if not spayed or neutered. It’s necessary for the health of rabbits to get them fixed by age 5 to 6 weeks old. First for health reasons, your bunny will live a good deal longer if changed and for societal and behavior motives.

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